Sunday, May 24, 2009

Teachable Moments....

I was sitting on my front porch last evening...enjoying the frog songs, the rustling of critters in the woods and the multitude of stars painting the night sky. At times like this I often think of nights from my childhood spent on the grass looking up at the sky and talking with my mom. She has been gone for a long time now but I thought of her last night and how she would always call this, the unoffical start of summer "Decoration Day". My dad would make a great ceremony out of hanging the flag from the front porch, we would open the pool, and go to the parade in downtown Rochester. We would also go to the cemetery and place flags on the graves of veterans of war.
I wonder...when did it become Memorial Day? When did it become a weekend of sales, parties and not a day for remembering? Don't get me wrong...I love the time to relax, to start planting flowers and grill burgers. I was just wondering if perhaps we shouldn't take a moment and teach our children about those men and women that served our country, that died for our country and that are still serving our country.
I want to go back to Decoration Day and remember...
Take a minute with your children and talk about what Memorial Day really is all about...then go outside and be thankful for our freedom!

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