Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thanks to Phil at The Milford Times!!

We are so excited about the terrific article that was in this week's Milford Times. We had spent an hour or so with Phil Allemon, the editor, a few weeks back telling him about our vision, our passion and everything in between regarding SchoolTools 101. He totally got us!!! He was able to convey our excitement and our passion into a wonderful article. We also have to thank Miss Courtney Bujaki, a SchoolTools student who graciously agreed to be in the accompanying photo...Courtney you are gorgeous!
This is an interesting process...the various aspects of fulfilling our dream. We both have our strengths and weaknesses; fortunately my strengths are Michelle's weaknesses and vice versa (though I think I have more weaknesses!)!! The thing we do share equally is a passion for children and teaching.
We have an upcoming class on June 2nd...ideal for all of our Kurtz kids who will be on break and also homeschoolers!! Give either of us a call and sign is truly time well spent!
I have a challenge for our readers...spend some time this week and identify a passion of your can you fulfill your dream???

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