Friday, May 1, 2009

another success story brings tears

Today we had the opportunity to chat with one of our students. She is a lovely young preteen who has had real struggles with her school work. She participated in our last Study Skills workshop and was a stellar student! She took copious notes and listened intently. She joined in the conversations and offered up great suggestions. It was fun to watch her come out of her usual shy shell.
The next week she came and showed us her planner...WOW, I wish my planner looked that neat! Her confidence was evident, she was walking tall and feeling good about herself.
Then yesterday afternoon she came in and had the best news of all...she had gotten an A- on a religion class!!!!!!! Her face was glowing and she was literally walking on the clouds. She had tears in her eyes as she thanked me...and me being a big ol' mush had tears in mine!! Hearing her thanks and getting her hugs made me realize once again how blessed we are to following our passion and making these workshops a reality. As I drove home in the pounding rain I was thinking that I was seeing the future...a student finally grasping the concept of "Doing it Myself" ...not a bad day even though it was dark and grey!
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