Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"I got an A !!!!!!"

The other day one of our more serious students was absolutely giddy with excitement about his math test. Yep....giddy about a math test...he shared with us how he has been using his "toolbox" of study helpers and on his own had studied for a big math test. He was feeling pretty confident but it was evident he surprised even himself when he got his paper back with an "A". The smile on his face and the thrill in his voice reminded me why we are so passionate about what we do...we are giving these students freedom to pursue their dreams. They gain that freedom when they know they are capable of preparing for a quiz, a test or even a homework assignment without help. They have learned how to "do it themselves" which is what we as parents, educators and mentors are really supposed to be giving them. I get giddy myself when I hear these success stories.
Look at our schedule for upcoming classes...we have lots to choose from and as always are happy to travel with our own "toolboxes"!!

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