Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, here it is June 3rd and I am already in a summer frame of mind ;-) It is a little bit harder to get going and get things done and a whole lot easier to linger on the front porch with a book and my lemonade! Summer is a great time to have fun learning new things. Take the time to check out your local library...the libraries always have wonderful summer reading programs along with activities. Our local library has a teen and adult summer program as cool is that??? I already have my reading log and plan on getting a few prizes. Both of my kids are going to take the henna tatoo class, for example. Summer time is also travel time...why don't you check and see if your family has a trip planned this summer; if you do gather some information ahead of time so you can suggest some cool sightseeing trips! Keep a trip journal as well. The zoo has super programs, many of them are free!!
Have a great summer but fill it with will give you lots of things to write about when your teacher asks you to do the annual "What did you do this summer?" report come September!!!
If you have any good ideas for summer fun let us know...

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