Monday, August 3, 2009

August musings...

Well, here it is August and I am sitting in sweats wishing I had a pair of socks to put on as well. What a wacky weather summer we have had...only a smattering of days have even hit the high 80s much less the 90s...not that I am complaining ;-) August always makes me a bit giddy. You may not know it but I LOVE school supplies...I love the bargain on school supplies and I love the cool new little gadgets that will supposedly make you love school. I know they really won't make it easier but I do love the idea of it being easier. One thing I do believe every student should go out and buy is a planner for themselves. The planner can be a literal lifeline to all things in your student's life. Let them take part in the buying decision...we want them to want to use it!!
We have a few more classes scheduled before school begins. We will also begin a full schedule in the Fall sometime after the 3rd week of school...our coupon special continues. Gather together 10 students for a workshop and your child will attend free of charge.
Now during these last waning days of summer go out and pick some blueberries with your children, make a bonfire, camp under the stars...Enjoy this time of quiet...


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