Monday, August 24, 2009

New friends, opening doors and SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!

How many of you have seen the commercial with the dad gleefully running down the aisles of an office supply store while his kids drag behind him woefully because school is soon starting?? I LOVE that commercial...I love new supplies...nothing better than a new fresh glue stick, a fresh box of crayons or a new notebook. How can you not get excited?? Now is a perfect time to take the ads and sit down with your children and do some comparison shopping and coupon clipping. Will they know they are doing math? Maybe/maybe not... Make a game of it...give each child a dollar and see how much they can get for it. Start the year out with a smile and a great attitude..
We met some terrific new friends this weekend in Royal Oak. We had a study skills workshop with a wonderful group and really look forward to returning soon. Thanks Carole and kids!
I am a real believer in doors opening constantly to offer new opportunities...we all need to open ourselves to possibility and go through those doors. Look at this new school year as a terrific opportunity...for your children and for you. Give your children the opportunity to shine.
We have a workshop on Thursday in Milford. A few spots are still open so call us...
Also we are now on Twitter...become one of our followers and we'll follow you!!

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