Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ready, Set......GO!!!!!!

Here we are folks, a week away from the beginning of school. The chill is definitely in the air, a few leaves are even changing and high school football has begun. If you haven't already gotten your children on their school bedtime schedule NOW is the time. It is also a great time to have the kids get their bookbags in order, set up a study area and discuss your expectations for this school year.
One of our favorite ideas is "Work Hard...Play Hard". This simply means that your family has clearly defined goals and plans for the school year. If you begin the year with clear cut goals and clearly stated consequences things will be so much nicer for you and your student. We must model good examples for our children...being consistent with our love and discipline shows them how much they are cherished.
The great way to begin the year is with a new planner...and a class showing them how to use it!! Call us and schedule a workshop; we would love to be a part of your best school year ever!!

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