Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We celebrated our daughter's 19th birthday yesterday. As the celebration continued at the dinner table I found myself going back to her 3rd birthday. We had a house and yard full of friends and the mood was jubilant. Suddenly Emily came into the yard, placed her hands on her hips and announced in a loud voice "This is the BEST birthday I have ever had!!". Of course I laughed through my tears, my husband hugged her and she got a huge round of applause. Now back to yesterday; she got the cell phone she has wanted for the past year, clothes, lots of makeup and a special gift from Daddy...and she brightly proclaimed "This is the BEST birthday ever!!". Now you are wondering..."where are you going with this walk down memory lane??" Well, I'll tell you.
I am learning each and every day how very precious memories are...unlike financial and material possessions they won't be foreclosed on or repossessed. They are ours...and we must treat them as precious. Today I am suggesting we all begin a family journal...that we write these treasures down for our families to cherish. We don't need to spend tons of money on scrapbooking goodies...we can use a simple notebook. By doing this we can make a history lesson...
Writing is sometimes a chore...and sometimes a blessing.
We are continuing to work towards bringing our workshops to you. Please don't forget our special offer: Gather together a group of 10 or more students and your child will attend for free! We offer a variety of workshops...and look forward to meeting you soon! In the meantime...notebooks are 5 cents at Wal-Mart, go grab a few and let the whole family begin writing their memories!!

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