Saturday, July 11, 2009

The 21 Day Habit...using it!

One of the first things we discuss in a SchoolTools workshop is utilizing your time well and creating good habits. As we were teaching a workshop this past week I was struck by the fact that I need to use the "21 Day" plan myself. I love writing the blog...but I admit I haven't been consistent about doing this...SO, as we do in all of our workshops I challenged myself to make a blog habit. For the blog to be timely and I hope interesting I should be posting at least twice a week. I have written "BLOG" in my planner and will be crossing it off as I stretch my blogging muscles ;-)
So, let's talk about the 21 day habit...studies have shown that if a person truly wants to create a new habit or change an old one they need 21 days. I have personally found this really works, much to my surprise ;-) At our workshops we challenge the students to write down a habit they wish to adopt. They have been fun...a few examples were: eat breakfast, make my bed, write in my journal, not drink pop...the list goes on and on. We try to "make a habit" of contacting the students to see how they are doing. Their successes have been terrific. To make it more fun for them I always join in the challenge...generally the kids do a much better job!!
I challenge our readers to pick a habit you would like to create or break and take the challenge with us; you will be amazed.
May I also suggest you make the habit of checking our blog keep me on my toes and to also read of new workshops, success stories and to post to us.
We welcome the feedback and the comments. It keeps us on our toes!!!
Our special continues...invite 10 or more students to a workshop and you will receive a workshop free!!!!

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