Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adventures with a bag of coins!!

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday buying Easter basket goodies. While near the toy aisle I saw an interesting sight. A child, probably about 7~9 and his mother were engaged in a heated debate. The boy had a plastic bag filled with assorted coins. He had an action hero clutched in his hand and was wailing "I NEED to buy this!!! How much money do I have??" His mother (bless her heart) was obviously on her last thread of patience and tersely responded "Don't they teach you how to count at school?". Then the tears came for both of them and mom put the bag of coins in her purse and pulled out her debit card.
I saw a lost opportunity here...the opportunity for the boy to make his own purchase and most probably making that toy even more special. There was also the opportunity for mom to see independence in her child.
We are having a workshop on counting money and we will be having lots of fun while lots of learning takes place! Each child should have an understanding of money, its worth and its uses. Check our claendar below for dates and times. As always we would love to come to you and teach a class...send us an email to find out how!

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